Wiki creata in onore ad Arvalis e ad i suoi Pokémon realistici.

Prima Generazione

001-Bulbasaur 002-Ivysaur 003-Venusaur 003-Venusaur
Bulbasaur Realistico
Ivysaur Realistico
Venusaur Realistico
MegaVenusaur RJ2
Charmander real
005-Charmeleon 006-Charizard 006-Charizard
(MegaCharizard X)
(MegaCharizard Y)
Charmeleon Realistic
Charizard RJ
MegaCharizard X Arvalis
MegaCharizard Y reale
Squirtle R
008-Wartortle 009-Blastoise 009-Blastoise
010-Caterpie 012-Butterfree
Wartortle Realistico
Blastoise Reale
MegaBlastoise Arv
Caterpie realmente
Butterfree Skulker
018-Pidgeot 018-Pidgeot
019-Rattata 019-Rattata
(Forma di Alola)
Pidgeot Arvalis
MegaPidgeot Arvalis
Rattata Realistico
Rattata Alola schizzo
Pikachu realistic
026-Raichu 026-Raichu
(Forma di Alola)
027-Sandshrew 027-Sandshrew
(Forma di Alola)
Raichu RJ
Raichu Alola RJ
Sandshrew Realistico
Sandshrew di Alola RJ
Nidoran femmina Realistico
032-Nidoran♂ 034-Nidoking 037-Vulpix 037-Vulpix
(Forma di Alola)
Nidoran maschio Real
Nidoking Arvalis
Vulpix RJ
Vulpix di Alola RJ
Ninetales Arvalis
(Forma di Alola)
041-Zubat 042-Golbat 043-Oddish 046-Paras
Ninetales di Alola RJ
Zubat Realistico
Golbat schizzo
Oddish Realistic
Paras Realistico
050-Diglett 050-Diglett
(Forma di Alola)
058-Growlithe 059-Arcanine 072-Tentacool
Diglett Realistic
Diglett Alola
Growlithe Realistico
Arcanine Realistico
Tentacool Arvalis
073-Tentacruel 074-Geodude 074-Geodude
(Forma di Alola)
081-Magnemite 082-Magneton
Tentacruel Arvalis
Geodude Realistico
Geodude di Alola RJ
Magnemite RJ2
Magneton RJ
083-Farfetch'd 084-Doduo 090-Shellder 091-Cloyster 092-Gastly
Farfetch'd schizzo
Doduo Skulker
Shellder Realistico
Cloyster Arvalis
Gastly Realistico
093-Haunter 094-Gengar 094-Gengar
095-Onix 098-Krabby
Haunter Reale
Gengar Realistico
MegaGengar Reale
Onix RJ
Krabby Realistico
100-Voltorb 117-Seadra 120-Staryu 122-Mr. Mime 123-Scyther
Voltorb RJ
Seadra Arvalis
Staryu Realistico
Mr. Mime Arvalis
Scyther realistico
126-Magmar 129-Magikarp 130-Gyarados 130-Gyarados
Magmar Realistico
Magikarp Arvalis nuovo
Gyarados Arvalis
MegaGyarados Arvalis
Ditto realistico
133-Eevee 134-Vaporeon 135-Jolteon 136-Flareon 139-Omastar
Eevee RJ
Vaporeon Realistico
Jolteon Realistico
Flareon Realistico
Omastar Arvalis
142-Aerodactyl 142-Aerodactyl
145-Zapdos 147-Dratini 148-Dragonair
Aerodactyl Realistico
MegaAerodactyl Arvalis
Zapdos RJ
Dratini Realistico
Dragonair Realistico
149-Dragonite 150-Mewtwo 150-Mewtwo
(MegaMewtwo X)
(MegaMewtwo Y)
Dragonite Realistico
Mewtwo RJ
MegaMewtwo X Arvalis
MegaMewtwo Arvalis
Mew reale

Seconda Generazione

152-Chikorita 153-Bayleef 154-Meganium 155-Cyndaquil 156-Quilava
Chikorita reale
Bayleef reale
Meganium realistico
Cyndaquil realistic
Quilava realistico
157-Typhlosion 158-Totodile 159-Croconaw 160-Feraligatr 169-Crobat
Typhlosion Realistic
Totodile realistic
Croconaw Arvalis
Feraligatr Realistico
Crobat Realistico
177-Natu 178-Xatu 186-Politoed 196-Espeon 197-Umbreon
Natu realistico
Xatu Reale
Politoed Skulker
Espeon Realistico
Umbreon Realistico
198-Murkrow 208-Steelix 208-Steelix
211-Qwilfish 213-Shuckle
Murkrow Realistico
Steelix RJ
MegaSteelix RJ
Qwilfish Arvalis
Shuckle Realistico
218-Slugma 219-Magcargo 221-Piloswine 222-Corsola 223-Remoraid
Slugma Realistico
Magcargo Realistico
Piloswine Arvalis
Corsola Arvalis
Remoraid Arvalis
225-Delibird 226-Mantine 227-Skarmory 240-Magby 243-Raikou
Delibird Arvalis
Mantine Realistico
Skarmory Arvalis
Magby Realistico
Raikou Arvalis
246-Larvitar 248-Tyranitar 248-Tyranitar
249-Lugia 251-Celebi
Larvitar realistico
Tyranitar realistic
MegaTyranitar Arvalis
Lugia Arvalis
Celebi realistic

Terza Generazione

265-Wurmple 277-Swellow 283-Surskit 290-Nincada 291-Ninjask
Wurmple realistico
Swellow RJ
Surskit Realistico
Nincada realistico
Ninjask real
302-Sableye 302-Sableye
304-Aron 305-Lairon 306-Aggron
Sableye RJ
MegaSableye RJ
Aron real
Lairon Realistico
Aggron Realistic
319-Sharpedo 319-Sharpedo
324-Torkoal 326-Trapinch
MegaAggron Arvalis
Sharpedo Arvalis
MegaSharpedo Arvalis
Torkoal Realistico
Trapinch Realistico
327-Vibrava 328-Flygon 329-Cacnea 334-Altaria 334-Altaria
Vibrava Realistico
Flygon Realistico
Cacnea Realistico
Altaria Arvalis
339-Barboach 366-Clamperl 368-Gorebyss 369-Relicanth 370-Luvdisc
Barboach Skulker
Clamperl Arvalis
Gorebyss Arvalis
Relicanth Arvalis
Luvdisc Arvalis
373-Salamence 373-Salamence
380-Latias 380-Latias
Salamence RJ
MegaSalamence RJ
Latias RJ
MegaLatias RJ
Latios RJ
382-Kyogre 382-Kyogre
383-Groudon 383-Groudon
MegaLatios RJ
Kyogre Arvalis
ArcheoKyogre Arvalis
Groudon Realistico
Groudon Prehistoric Arvalis
384-Rayquaza 384-Rayquaza
Rayquaza Arvalis
MegaRayquaza Arv

Quarta Generazione

387-Turtwig 408-Cranidos 411-Bastiodon 415-Combee 416-Vespiquen
Turtwig Realistico
Cranidos Reale
Bastiodon realistico
Combee Realistico
Vespiquen real
430-Honchkrow 433-Chingling 439-Mime Jr. 445-Garchomp 445-Garchomp
Honchkrow Realistico
Chingling Arvalis
Mime Jr. Arvalis
Garchomp Realistico
MegaGarchomp by Monochromatic
459-Snover 460-Abomasnow 460-Abomasnow
470-Leafeon 471-Glaceon
Snover Realistico
Abomasnow Arvalis
MegaAbomasnow Arvalis
Leafeon Realistico
Glaceon Realistico
478-Froslass 485-Heatran 487-Giratina
(Forma Alterata)
(Forma Originale)
Froslass Arvalis
Heatran RJ
Giratina Reale
Giratina Forma Originale Realistico

Quinta Generazione

527-Woobat 528-Swoobat 529-Drilbur 530-Excadrill 540-Sewaddle
Woobat Arvalis
Swoobat Arvalis
Drilbur Skulker
Excadrill Arvalis
Sewaddle Realistico
543-Venipede 557-Dwebble 559-Scraggy 566-Archen 570-Zorua
Venipede Realistico
Dwebble Realistico
Scraggy Realistico
Archen Realistico
Zorua realistico
571-Zoroark 582-Vanillite 584-Vanilluxe 585-Deerling
(Forma Primavera)
(Forma Estate)
Zoroark realistico
Vanillite Arvalis
Vanilluxe Arvalis
Deerling Forma Primavera Arvalis
Deerling estate realistico
(Forma Autunno)
(Forma Inverno)
(Forma Primavera)
(Forma Estate)
(Forma Autunno)
Deerling Forma Autunno Arvalis
Deerling inverno realistico
Sawsbuck Primavera RJ GravityGaga
Sawsbuck Estate RJ GravityGaga
Sawsbuck Autunno Arv GravityGaga
(Forma Inverno)
587-Emolga 590-Foongus 592-Frillish
Sawsbuck Forma Inverno Arvalis
Emolga Arvalis
Foongus realistico
Frillish Maschio Arvalis
Frillish Femmina Arvalis
595-Joltik 602-Tynamo 607-Litwick
Jellicent Maschio Arvalis
Jellicent Femmina Arvalis
Joltik Arvalis
Tynamo Arvalis
Litwick RJ
608-Lampent 612-Haxorus 621-Druddigon 628-Braviary 632-Durant
Lampent RJ
Haxorus Arvalis
Druddigon Reale
Braviary Arvalis
Durant Realistico
636-Larvesta 643-Reshiram 646-Kyurem 646-Kyurem
(Kyurem Bianco)
(Kyurem Nero)
Larvesta Arvalis
Reshiram realistic
Kyurem Arvalis
Kyurem Bianco Arvalis
Kyurem Nero Arvalis

Sesta Generazione

663-Talonflame 679-Honedge 692-Clauncher 696-Tyrunt 967-Tyrantrum
Talonflame Arvalis
Honedge Arvalis
Clauncher Arvalis
Tyrunt realistico
Tyrantrum Arvalis
708-Phantump 709-Trevenant 714-Noibat 715-Noivern 717-Yveltal
Phantump RJ
Trevenant RJ
Noibat Arvalis
Noivern Arvalis
Yveltal RJ

Settima Generazione

725-Litten 726-Torracat 727-Incineroar
Litten schizzo
Torracat schizzo
Incineroar schizzo

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